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​Saturday, November 10, 2018

Geno Dealfose

& French Rockin' Booge

Louisiana Red

They’ve become one of the most sought after acts playing along the Gulf Coast and on any given weekend you’ll find JAMIE BERGERON & the kickin’ cajuns performing at most festivals, corporate events and clubs. A veteran EMT with Acadian Ambulance, JAMIE is a  life-saver, singer-songwriter, accordion player and just a real charming guy!!! Their fans, both young and old, are some of the most devout... always at the shows, buying CDs,  t-shirts and whatever else they can get their hands on.  There’s no way to really explain why or how, you’ve just got to experience it for yourself, to understand what everybody’s talking about down in South Louisiana... And before long, you too will be saying “I Know Dat’s Right!!!”

 As a Trio, "Sweet Cecilia" performs a wide range of musical styles as well as original songs. They've been singing together since they were children. Maegan and Laura are sisters and Callie is a first cousin. Their passion and love for each other and music are the driving force in this trio. The name of their hometown and the patron Saint of Music, St. Cecilia helped to form the name of the band.  "Sweet Cecilia" recorded their debut album in June 2014. Joel Savoy, Grammy winning producer, and recorded with the group.
Callie Guidry- Vocals and percussion
Maegan Berard- Vocals, Guitar (Electric and Acoustic)
Laura Huval- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and Mandolin

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1 pm

11 am

Jamie Bergeron

& the Kickin Cajuns

Sweet Cecilia

​​Saturday, November 10, 2018

 Jeff Dugan

Kip Sonnier

Tony Bruce 

Tony Ardoin

Richard Comeaux 

Ross Richard

Hunter began learning the accordion at the age of thirteen and has since become a very talented musician. He has played with many bands including Brenda C and the Cajun Jammers, Trent LeJune and Double Time. Hunter has also sat in with many bands such as Jamie Bergeron and the Kicking Cajuns, Damon Troy, Dustin Ray and Southern Grove Joel Martin, and Cajun Nation. When he is not riding horses, spending time with his family and friends, or playing French music. Hunter also has a D.J. Service called "Play Dats".

9 pm

7 pm

5 pm

3 pm

HUnter Courville

& Cajun Fever